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The appearance of a property and the environment around it, keeps changing along with the change in seasons. The experts and skilled members of our team take the whole responsibility of making your property look spectacular all around the year. We believe in providing the best possible tree services while staying within your budget. Tree Care Specialists (TCS) have set a benchmark and always work in such a professional way to maintain that standard. Our staff is fully trained to provide services of any kind, whether it is to remove the tree on your property or to plant a new one. No matter in which position the tree is planted on your property, we can skillfully handle the situation and remove it using the latest technologies and equipment


Tree removals can be extremely dangerous work and should only be done by trained professionals and specialist in the arbori-cultural field . From utilizing a crane, bucket truck or climber, our crews always use the safest and most productive method to remove trees.

Ashley’s Tree Care views the preservation of trees as our first choice, although in particular circumstances, tree removal is necessary. We have a crew that is educated and experienced in helping come to resolution for unwanted or necessary removals of trees, while also providing reason as to whether or not a tree needs to be removed. 

Permit laws vary in different areas. For trees that measure 30cm or more in diameter, the City of Toronto requires a permit for tree removals or injury of all privately owned trees. Our hardworking, certified Arborist will take care of all tree removal/injury applications and permits for you.

DEAD TREES & PESTS2019-01-31T20:31:48+00:00

A dead tree or a tree that is dying is not exempted from wildlife attempting to burrow and infest the tree. Although a family of birds may not be a problem, a tree may also draw in rats, termites and other insects. The longer you leave a dead tree unattended the higher the chances of unwanted pests and insects from infesting your property.

DO I NEED PRUNING ON MY TREE?2019-01-31T20:36:48+00:00

Trees are a fundamental part  of the outdoor beauty we all love, yet can’t achieve their maximum potential without legitimate maintenance and support. Trimming trees is a key part of tree development and improvement and that is the reason Ashley’s Tree Care spends significant time in pruning branches and buds so you can keep your trees healthy and in top form.  

We trim a wide range of trees including organic product trees, both to beautify the trees and to amplify natural fruit production.Tree trimming is a fragile procedure of removing  injured, dead, decayed, basically unsound, or sick parts of the tree that are somehow or another restraining its development, appearance, or usefulness. Tree trimming and pruning likewise avoids property destruction due to falling branches.


On average we will grind your stump & its roots down to 4-8” below ground level. We will grind lower upon request, this would be ideal if a new tree is to be replanted in the same area. The stump hole will be back filled with the stump chips and a mound of remaining chips will be left on site (unless otherwise stated on proposal). Chip removal, grading and soil backfill with seed and straw are also available for an additional charge. Stump removals can range from $100-$1000 depending on how many, the size and the complexity of the job. A proper assessment would be required to give an accurate estimate which can be taken care of within a few business days of the request.

WHAT IS AN ARBORIST REPORT?2019-01-31T20:42:18+00:00

An Arborist report is a detailed and technical report written by a certified Arborist. Essentially, it summarizes the analysis of the existing vegetation and current conditions of the site while in addition suggesting the best route for preservation.

Ashley’s Tree Care take pride in providing a thorough and unbiased report to diagnose any arboricultural issues. When requested, we will have one of our certified Arborist provide a professional report to aid you in whichever plans you have for your site. We provide reports for residential sites, new and old construction sites, building sites, tree protection plans and hazardous sites in which we will act accordingly to resolve such issues.

HOW MUCH WILL THE JOB COST?2019-01-31T20:44:01+00:00

The price of the job is dependent on the job itself. It is very hard to quote a job without seeing it first. The elements that must be considered when pricing the project are the size, the proximity to houses and buildings, and the access available for getting the tree(s) removed from the property. These considerations are taken into account because when there is greater risk involved, and more precision is needed, more time must be taken to get the removal completed safely and effectively. Contact us and we will send an Arborist over to assess the work request.

  • We offer competitive rates for our services and guarantee the most affordable rates in the GTA!

  • We are approved contractors by the City of Toronto to perform arborial-cultural services on trees in the GTA.

  • Winter time is ideal for tree removal and pruning. The ground is frozen, so we don’t have to worry about damaging the garden and soil. Tree pruning in the winter is also less disruptive to gardens and flowers.

  • As much as we value your tree care needs, we always put safety first. This is to ensure both our clients and workers, that all work will completed safely and efficiently.

Ashley’s Tree Care Gives You Full Control

Ashley’s Tree Care strives to forge lasting relationships with customers by offering affordable and convenient tree maintenance services across the Greater Toronto Area. Our Arborist will work with you to improve, maintain and protect your outdoor space.

I called Ashley Tree Care to complete some pruning and removal of several small to medium trees . Once the contract was set, they came out within a week and completed the service. They explained the pruning process to me and ensured that the most care was taken to keep the tree healthy. They did the work quickly and cleaned up the work area. I would recommend them and will definitely use them for any future projects.

Snehal Patel , Ashley's Tree Care

We highly recommend this excellent company. Ashley responded very quickly, quoted a reasonable price and provided excellent advice on the work needed on 2 mature backyard trees: pruning, elevating the canopy, thinning & balancing the crown, removing dead branches with disposal & cleanup included. From his initial site visit to the final cleanup, it was a pleasure having this knowledgeable, professional crew work on our property. They were prompt, courteous and very careful to avoid damage to the gardens under the fall line of the branches being trimmed. Turn around time from us accepting the quote to their job completion was 2 days. Very impressive work, thank you.

Brian, Ashley's Tee Care

I had two dying trees and one knocked over in the windstorm. They were very large trees. They came and removed them all as well as the stumps. The crew was courteous and professional.

They were even able to cut around the cable running through the tree, which I thought would be an issue but they dealt with it very carefully.

All in all the work was done and done well. They were good about responding to my emails and phone calls and answered all my questions. Great guys, I would highly recommend them.

John - From Toronto , Ashley's Tree Care

 I had 7 Ash trees that needed to be removed after becoming victim to the Emerald Ash Beetle. Ashley was very knowledgeable and professional. His crews worked efficiently and with consideration to safety and damage to neighboring property. Very good service and very reasonably priced! 

Paul Thompson, Ashley's Tree Care