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Tree removals cam be extremely dangerous work and should only be done by trained professionals and specialist in the arboricultural field . From utilizing a crane, bucket truck or climber, our crews always use the safest and most productive method to remove trees.

Ashley’s Tree Care views the preservation of trees as our first choice, although in particular circumstances, tree removal is necessary. We have a crew that is educated and experienced in helping come to resolution for unwanted or necessary removals of trees, while also providing reason as to whether or not a tree needs to be removed.

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Permit Requirements

Permits laws will vary in different areas, although, for the most part The City of Toronto requires permits for tree removals and injury for trees that the measure 30cm or more in diameter. Our hardworking certified Arborist will take care of all permits and applications for you. Making your tree removal/injury job a lot easier.


If you have a tree that you think needs a permit, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you fill out an application for a tree removal permit.

Arborist Reports

For trees that require permits, you will need to fill out a city application and have it accompanied by an Arborist Report to provide a professionals opinion about why the tree should be removed. This makes obtaining a city permit much faster as it will show the city that not only do you want the tree removed, but a certified professional believes it should be removed.

Ashley's Tree Care's Certified Arborists

We will provide a professional Arborist Report quickly and make sure it provides the most accurate report of your tree possible!


In the tree removal sector, accidents can happen, especially in emergencies and when they do, we like to make sure both our crew and our customers are protected. Ashley’s Tree Care removes trees of all sizes and in cases of emergency, we have a designated team of professionals 24/7 to ensure your safety. All of our tree services are fully covered by liability insurance for up to $5,000,000 and if requested, we can provide all insurance certificates and references. In our journey to provide the most affordable and convenient tree services, Ashley’s Tree Care will meet and beat any quote price given by another tree service company in the GTA.